The OBIT technology is an odour treatment biotrickling filter directed towards wastewater treatment plant odour treatment, which offers environmental and economic benefits when compared to chemical scrubbing.

The OBIT technology operation is identical to chemical scrubbers, and the treatment is performed by bacterial cultures immobilised in a specialised support to achieve high treatment performance. The main attributes of this technology are the ability to co-treat several pollutants in one reactor, and the fact that no chemical reagent addition is required, making this technology more sustainable than chemical scrubbing.


Since the OBIT biological treatment occurs in identical operating conditions as chemical scrubbing, the conversion of existing chemical scrubbers into OBIT treatment systems is feasible with minor infrastructure adaptations, providing significant environmental and economic advantages.

Chemical Scrubbing

OBIT Conversion

The OBIT conversion offers energy and chemical reagents savings, with reduced investment payback periods.

OBIT conversion advantages

High treatment efficiency.

Zero chemical consumption.

Significant energy savings.

Improved risk control and operation.

Investment payback typically < 2 years

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