Título Datas Programa, parceiros
Inovamar Blue Bioeconomy Pact 2022-2025 PRR | > 80 partners
ApR-TEC Technological solutions to guarantee the microbiological quality of water for reuse 2021-2023 P2020 | AST-Ambiente / ESB-UCP / WEDOTECH
cLabel+ Innovative “clean label” natural, nutritious and consumer-oriented foods 2020-2023 PT2020 | 20 partners
FarmaSense Innovations in the detection and treatment of pharmaceuticals in wastewater 2019-2022 P2020 | AST-Ambiente / ISEP / WEDOTECH
4Cs Consumer Cross Cultural Context – Intercultural evaluation of traditional Portuguese wines and products 2018-2021 P2020 | Sense Test, Sogevinus, FCUP, WEDOTECH
HBioS_Demo Industrial-scale Demonstration Project of HBioS technology 2015-2016 P2020 | EFACEC / WEDOTECH
iCanSea Development of preserves with integration of algae from the Portuguese coast 2015-2017 P2020 | La Gondola / ISEP / WEDOTECH
OptimOdour Intelligent optimization of ventilation systems in WWTP, to improve energy efficiency 2015-2017 P2020 | Guiatel / WEDOTECH
Naturbel Natural soaps and cosmetic products based on typical Portuguese materials 2013-2015 QREN | Castelbel / ISEP / WEDOTECH
OdorTech Affirmation of Biofiltration as the Best Available Technology for Odor Treatment 2013-2015 QREN | Eurofins  / ISEP / WEDOTECH
HBioS Biotechnological Innovations in the Removal of H2S present in Biogas 2012-2015 QREN | EFACEC e ESB-UCP / WEDOTECH
iCOD Innovative technologies for valuing cod processing by-products 2010-2012 QREN | PASCOAL / ESB-UCP / WEDOTECH
OBiT Biological Odor Treatment 2010-2012 QREN | ESB-UCP | WEDOTECH
InSolEx Innovative solutions for extracting natural compounds with high added value 2006-2010 Marie Curie RTN – EU | various partners
BioHiTec Innovative Gas Phase Bioreactors for VOCs 2006-2007 NEOTEC | WEDOTECH